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PCT Express

We have extensive experience in the design, specification, contract preparation and administration associated with the construction and procurement of process plant and equipment. We can readily apply this experience and knowledge to the design and construction of prototype and testing rig facilities.

Cameby Downs
Haald Engineering has recently completed the design of the Cameby Downs Coal Handling & Preparation Plant (CHPP), located in the Surat Basin in south west Queensland. The project involved the complete design of the Coal Handling plant as well as structural engineering and complete design for the Coal Preparation plant Modelling software used for this project was ProE Wildfire 3

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Cameby DownsCameby DownsNewpac Colliery

HAALD provided mechanical and structural engineering and detail drafting services for ALCAN’s $2.0 billion
dollar expansion at Gove Australia. Work packages for ALCAN included steel structures, conveyors, 1000 Tonne limo silo and screen house rebuild. :: see more ::


Newpac Colliery
HAALD carried out the detailed design and shop detailing of the Product Coal Handling Facility for the Newpac Colliery Project in the Hunter Valley. This design was produced in the 3D software package, Pro/Engineer.
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Newpac CollieryNewpac CollieryNewpac Colliery

Abbot Point Bucket Wheel Reclaimer (APBWR)
HAALD Engineering has carried out a redesign of the chute work geometry and deflector layout on the Abbot Point Bucket Wheel Reclaimer (APBWR) which displayed unsatisfactory behaviour during operation. Subsequent to site visits and recreation of the APBWR geometry, discrete element analysis was carried out
to assist in redesign process and quantify improvements and design strategies.

EDEM discrete element particle analysis software has been used to model the flow of material through the equipment of interest, with the aim of giving the most effective performance from the APBWR.

EDEM manages information about each individual particle (mass, velocity and so on) and the forces acting on it. It can also take into account the particle’s shape, rather than assuming that all particles are spherical.
For post-processing, EDEM provides data analysis tools and 3D visualisations of the particle flow.

Design Methodology
Based on the problems observed in the chute design several factors were determined to be the chief areas to be resolved. These included:
• Ribs added to the chute main slope plate
• Deflector/flow centraliser added
• Existing chute had no corner radii and abrupt changes in geometry
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Abbot PointAbbot Point

Royal Wolf Trading
Haald Engineering have been developing and delivering Blast Resistance Modules (BRMs) designed to
protect operators in the event of an explosion, typically caused by the ignition of leaked vapour.
The concept of Mobile BRMs (MBRMs) has been recently developed, offering a cutting edge solution to
companies and organisations requiring safe work spaces in hazardous areas.

Royal wolf TradingRoyal wolf TradingRoyal wolf Trading